Environmental Responsibility

At MBMA, we strive to protect the environment and minimize the impact of our operations through effective management practices, continuous improvement, and adherence to relevant regulations. Our commitment extends beyond compliance, as we work towards excellence in environmental performance and support Indonesia's sustainable mining and battery industry ecosystem. We empower communities to be drivers of environmental awareness and conservation, and we are dedicated to ongoing monitoring and reporting of our environmental impacts.

We will contribute to the global effort to reach net-zero emissions through our commitment to achieve net-zero operational emissions by 2050, and our efforts to support the decarbonization of transportation through the production of EV battery materials.

Our environmental responsibility approach includes the following:

  • Climate Change and Carbon Emissions: We are committed to reducing our impact on climate change by monitoring climate-related risks, assessing and participating in mitigation and adaptation programs, and managing our natural resources use and impacts. We support our parent company’s "Net-Zero Commitment" by 2050 and aim to achieve this through measures that reduce our carbon emission, which primarily focuses on managing and reducing the emissions intensity of our direct and indirect energy consumption. Concurrently, we support programs that contribute to mangrove restoration and afforestation.
  • Energy: We increase energy efficiency through monitoring and calculating our energy consumption and finding opportunities to implement renewable substitutes, such as using biodiesel as a cleaner substitute for diesel oil. We also focus on ramping up efforts that promote renewable energy generation and consumption across our operations, determined through a string of feasibility studies. Ultimately, our approach to energy management is to increase energy efficiency ratios to improve the energy and carbon emissions intensity of our production output.
  • Water and Effluents: We prioritize the responsible management and use of water, including monitoring wastewater quality in our mining and processing operations. We consult with stakeholders to ensure our water use and impact on water bodies are well understood, adopting programs such as water efficiency measures, water recycling initiatives, and putting in place pollution prevention controls.
  • Waste: Waste management is a critical aspect of our operations. We identify, sort and record the volume of solid waste, hazardous and non-hazardous, generated across our sites and ensure appropriate responsible waste disposal aligned to Indonesian regulatory requirements and Best International Industry Practice. We apply the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) principle to waste that can be treated this way and ensure the safe disposal for any waste that cannot be reused.
  • Biodiversity: We are committed to protecting and promoting the sustainable management of biodiversity in our operational areas and projects. We follow forest and land rehabilitation programs to restore the function of forest areas and regularly monitor the progress of reforestation and habitat protection programs.

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