Social Responsibility

MBMA recognizes the importance of social responsibility in its operations and is committed to creating an inclusive & harmonious environment that prioritizes safety and health, respects the rights of individuals and groups, and their beliefs, culture, traditions, and customs where we operate. We believe in thriving together and improving the quality of life for all stakeholders.

Our social responsibility approach includes the following:

  • Economic Performance: We support state and local government revenues across our mining and mineral processing operations through tax and non-tax contributions, job creation, and business opportunities for local supporting business sectors, as well as community development and empowerment programs. We regularly report financial performance to the government and other stakeholders.
  • Employees: MBMA values human resources as a vital asset to our business. We provide equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, race, or social status. We prioritize health services, health insurance, maternity leave, bonuses, and employee rights related to occupational safety and health risks. We respect workers' right to organize and are committed to improving the management, development and empowerment of our human resources.
  • Local Labor and Suppliers: We prioritize local communities for employment and supplies of good and services to contribute to the socioeconomic opportunities within the local communities. We provide training, special scholarships, and skills for the working age group as opportunities for them to enter the mining and the mineral processing industry. We also organize capacity building programs for local businesses to become part of our company's supply chain.
  • Social Investment: MBMA is dedicated to promoting sustainable development and contributing to the well-being of society, providing mutual benefits that foster growth and improve the quality of life for all. Guided by our Community Policy, Community Standards and approach for stakeholder engagement, we contribute to the welfare of the community through donations, sponsorships, research, training, and sustainable social investments. Our social investment program focuses on developing a self-reliance strategy to support traditional sectors to continue to grow and be independent.
  • Human Rights: We declare respect for Human Rights and are committed to preventing, mitigating, and managing potential negative impacts from our business and operations. We promote human rights and contribute to enhancing human dignity and social welfare, especially in the communities impacted by our operations.

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